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SH twin binding: doing it wrong

A classmate found this at a flea market.I just had to share it.

Somebody had bound two Sherlock Holmes pocket books into a hard cover, with rather much more enthusiasm than expertice.

This is sort of how you make a book except no, not really.

It's always interesting to see old newspaper used in bookbinding. Sometimes (especially in really old books) I find the newspaper pieces more interesting than the book in itself.

This is by the way no new thing. There are lots of pre-medieval parchments found in the covers of medieval books, and so on through history. Materials have always, until very recently, been expensive, so it made sense re-using old books. Like lots of catholic texts here in Sweden, when Gustav Vasa made Sweden protestantic, they were used for book-keeping boooks and things like that.


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Nov. 10th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
cooolt =)
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