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Original fiction: Without title

Written for a challenge I had with a friend: Write 500-1500 words in 24 hours. Prompt: Write a short story about a boy getting a present for his birthday. What's inside? You decide.

As always nowadays (except when I'm writing fanfiction) I went to my NaNoWriMo universe, but you don't really have to know anything about it to read this.

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Marbled paper

Some marbled papers I made last week.

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Fic: One of his dark moods

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes, book canon
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Rating: pg-13
Genre: Hurt/comfort

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We are going to have a short course on leather decorations on books. One of the examples the teacher brought was a cower with a Lego brick attached.
Last week I bought a Sherlock Holmes Lego figure.

I haven't decided the exact particulars yet, but I will combine this into something awesome.

Bookbinding: Gawayne and the Green Knight

I found Gawayne and the Green Knight on Librivox and listened to it while working. It's an updated version of one of the arthurian legends (well, I say updated... it was published about 1903, so it's fairly old by now, and that's why it's on librivox of course), in verse, both funny and unexpectedly touching in places. Gawayne has been one of my favourite knights since eleventh grade, when my Swedish teacher told us the tale of Parzival. She was an amazing teacher, and I have always wanted to give her someting. Now, four years since I finished school, I've found the perfect gift.

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SH twin binding: doing it wrong

A classmate found this at a flea market.I just had to share it.
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Twin binding of The Seventeenth Step

This is it! 
This summer, I had plans. I was going to sew clothes and write lots and and and... and I read Sherlock fanfiction the whole summer. I'm not that surprised, really. One new favourite that I found was katieforsythe's amazing series The Seventeenth step. If you haven't read it already, you've missed something. Book canon, wonderful use of language and lovely characterisation. You can find it here.

The thing is, since the text was so like the books, I felt that it needed to actually be a book. It would fit so well between covers of leather and marbled paper. My fingers itched for a chance to bind it. So I mustered all the courage I had (I'm kinda shy, and absolutely terrified of talking in English to people on internet, especially people I admire) and asked Katie Forsythe for permission to print her works and bind it into a one-of-a-kind book. 

And here it is! 

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Soon, very soon...

Today, I finished a project I've worked on since school started - making a book of The Seventeenth Step by katieforsythe. Tomorrow I'm going to take some good photos of it en the schools studio, and also do a "making of"-post for anyone who's interested in bookbinding. In the meantime, here is the title print (before I cut it and pasted it on).

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Supernatural/Baywatch cake

This weekend, my friend tversan
came to visit me. We had many wonderful adventures (climbing a mountain and gathering mushrooms, realizing that the plumbing in our bathroom stopped working...) had a Baywatch marathon, and we made lots and lots of cake and candy. 
Here is a lemon mousse cake. We tried to decide a theme, but couldn't really choose. Supernatural? Merlin? I want to do a Sherlock cake too. Then inspiration struck us (or maybe it was just the sugar high from tasting EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME). We would make a Supernatural/Baywatch cake!

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